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Women’s Wellness + Probiotics

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Promote a healthy gut and balanced flora to keep urinary tract function healthy with our curated blend of probiotics, cranberry extract, chaste tree, ginger root + cramp bark. Specifically formulated for women's wellness.*

Good to know: 
What are probiotics?
Good bacteria that helps your gut stay healthy, balanced and toxin-free while working to keep your immune system in top form.
How do probiotics work?
Probiotics aid in creating a healthy gut to help better absorb vitamins,
minerals and nutrients while getting rid of any unnecessary waste that causes inflammation.
So what exactly are the skincare benefits?
Taking a probiotic can aid in providing relief from a variety of skin conditions. They work to improve improve dryness and help to prevent breakouts and clarify skin.

healthy gut
urinary tract health
balanced vaginal flora
no artificial ingredients
no harmful filler or colorants
non gmo
no sugar
gluten free
cruelty free